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Zimbabwe: ‘Film has power to shape society’

LOCAL award-winning film producer and director Shem Zemura is optimistic that his new series titled Tangled, which carries several themes will transform society for the better.
In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Zemura said Tangled was a 52-episode telenovela series airing four times a week on the newly launched 3Ktv available on DStv.

“Film has the power to shape society. I believe that an exploration of the themes in Tangled will help people learn from the mistakes made by characters and get motivation from the positives,” he said.

“This series is a social realism story shedding light on issues that women face in our modern-day society. This dark-toned series explores themes such as love, friendship, marriage, deceit, crime investigation, rivalry, religion and tradition.”

He added: “These are relatable themes to us all in one way or another. The difference is the depth of our circumstances and the choices we make. Throughout the course of the series, characters are challenged in different ways to reach fulfilment and develop as people.”

“In an African context, this is especially highlighted in the change from rural to the urban landscape, and is a theme that will be explored through Linda’s journey (the acceptance of who she is in love with) and conflicts that arise as she tries to integrate her background into modern life,” he said.

“The interpersonal relationships between the characters as well as their own journeys form an essential part of the story. Greed and other situations in life can drive some one to do the unthinkable.”

Zemura said the series cast include Charlene Mangweni Furusa as Margaret, Natasha Dhlamini as Ayisha, Gamuchirai Mukwakwami as Linda, Lorraine Mushati as Chipo, Charmaine Mudau as Zviko.

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