Zambia: No form of punishment will stop the party from defending the Constitution-PF

THE PATRIOTIC Front (PF) has said that no form of punishment will stop the party from defending the Constitution and fighting for the interest of the Zambian people. This follows a 30-Day suspension of 30 PF Members of Parliament for alleged misconduct. The alleged misconduct in question relates to the point of order raised by Leader of Opposition Hon Brian Mundubile highlighting the quoting of a wrong Constitutional provision by the Finance Minister.

Speaking at Media Briefing yesterday, Hon Mundubile said that the party will not apologize for defending the rights of the Zambian people. Hon Mundubile said he has seen an emerging trend at Parliament were rulings are rendered at very critical times, adding that the debate on the Presidential speech begins – a situation that would have accorded the Zambian people a chance to get a view from the opposition on how the Head of State is implementing national values and principles.

Hon Mundubile said it therefore interesting that Parliament found it fit to suspend 30 PF Members of Parliament at such a critical time and that the party desires to see a Parliament that will function independently to the Executive Wing of Government

He has however stated that PF will not relent in ensuring that it defends what is right.

“We stand to be punished as many times as possible! We will not apologise for defending the rights of the Zambian people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Opposition Chief Whip Hon Stephen Kampyongo says the Patriotic Front is happy that the protest which has been labeled as misconduct yielded positive results because necessary amendments were done to correct the error which was highlighted by the Leader of Opposition.

Hon Kampyongo said the PF Members of Parliament were merely performing their duty to stand as a representative of the people when a breach has been noted during parliamentary proceedings. He said only non-well-meaning Zambians will see negativity in what was done.

He said the Zambian people should be worried about the Democracy they have chosen for themselves.

“Is this the way we are going to consolidate democracy, those are questions. We are not questioning the ruling because the Speaker has explained the reason for our suspension..”

Hon Kampyongo said Members of Parliament both in the opposition and ruling should have been debating the speech which was delivered by the President and to see whether what was been said and what is been done are tallying.

He wonders whether the decision taken will help the Zambian citizens in terms of the prices of commodities coming down.

“We need to address the cost of living which is affecting our people every day. People are committing suicide, because life has become unbearable. If we avoid real issues and start focusing on petty issues, it will be very unfortunate for the nation,” he said.

Lusaka Times

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