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Zambia & DR Congo: Countries discuss build road link Solwezi in Zambia and the City of Likasi in the DRC

Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi has said that Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) must strengthen economic and trade ties by Improving the road network connecting the two countries.

Mr. Milupi said that the need to improve the road linkage between Zambia and the DRC will not only provide export routes for commodities but also provide effective communications between the two countries.

The Minister was speaking in Solwezi, North-Western Province during a bilateral meeting with the DRC delegation which was led by Katanga Province Governor JACQUES KYABULA KATWE while Hon Milupi was leading the Zambian delegation.

The meeting was focusing at finding ways of constructing a road between Solwezi in Zambia and the City of Likasi in the DRC’s Katanga Province.

Hon. Milupi said that the engagements between the two countries are vital as they will be able to strengthen other modes of transport like Railway and air links in addition to the road network.

The Zambian delegation included North-Western Province Minister Robert Lihefu, RDA Board Chairperson Eng. Mulchand Kuntawala, and Director and Chief Executive Officer Eng. George Manyele.

And North-Western Province Minister Robert Lihefu said road connectivity is vital in fostering regional integration.

He said the North-Western Province administration and the Zambian government as a whole stand ready to work with authorities in the DRC to ensure that a good road network is developed between the two countries.

And the DRC Katanga Province Governor JACQUES KYABULA KATWE said the actualization of constructing the road between Likasi and Solwezi will promote trade and lessen the complications in movement which the people of the two neighboring towns are currently facing.

He added that the road which will also see the development of border facilities at Kipushi Border will reduce congestion at Kasumbalesa border in Chililabombwe. MHID/PRO.

Original story on Lusaka Times

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