Zambia Association of Musicians to introduce measures against piracy

Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) says it is working on measures aimed at curbing digital piracy in the country.

ZAM vice-president, Arnold Kapatula says his Association is looking into possible ways of ‘ locking down’ free download of music.

“We are trying to bring on board the relevant authority so that we can work hand in hand with them to address this issue,” Mr Kapatula said in an interview.

He was glad that music streaming platforms had put in place measures that make it hard for digital piracy.

“We have boom play as an example, the beauty part of having digital platforms is that when you upload a song, it is that only those streaming the song will be able to listen to it,” Mr Kapatula said.

Mr Kapatula has implored all relevant authorities to work together so that digital piracy can be eradicated.

And on the marketing models , the ZAM vice president disclosed that his Association considering phasing out the old model of selling music to the modern way.

Mr Kapatula further disclosed that the Association was going to sensitize its members on the dangers of sharing their music.

“We have lined up workshops where we are going to call all the artists together with relevant authorities where they will be sensitized on the dangers of sharing free music,” He added.

Lusaka Times

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