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Xylem Africa Partner Conference 2023: Unleashing 360 Performance Solutions For Africa’s Precious Water Resources

Africa overflows with precious resources, and water is the most precious of them all. The continent is home to some of the globe’s most water-stressed countries and feels the pressure of urbanisation as populations grow. These conditions create many challenges on the ground, which Xylem’s vast network of partners tackle and solve every day.

To support their efforts, Xylem Africa hosted its exclusive partner conference at the Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg. Under the conference theme Synchronised, attendees embarked on a journey of collaboration and innovation, shaping the future of water solutions. They attended seminars on the different aspects of water management, preservation, and technology, and got to experience the range of products from Xylem and its global brands.

“We themed our partner conference as Synchronised, amplifying the connectedness, performance, agility, and precision that delivers lasting water solutions. This conference has been a great opportunity to explore 360 Performance and showcase our solutions. But it was even more enlightening as a moment where people who solve water problems could gather and connect,” said Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager at Xylem Africa.

The conference launched 360 Performance, Xylem Africa’s approach to comprehensive source-to-tap performance optimisation and delivery across the entire water cycle. From utilities to mining, agriculture to manufacturing, commercial to residential, Xylem has the products and expertise to offer water solutions at every level.

Xylem’s partners are the experts that deliver the best options to their customers, deploying, enhancing, and managing water systems for optimal efficiency and cost performance. By using market-leading water data and management products, efficient pumps, inspection equipment and more, Xylem and its partners continue to solve water together.

During the conference, the partners attended presentations on a range of topics hosted by experts, including dewatering methods, new water treatment options, improving water transport, modernising infrastructure, and using digital analytics and transformation in water operations.

Partners also networked and participated in team-building events, and attended profiles and launches of Xylem’s products. The conference officially launched the Godwin BD150 dewatering pump system: designed for and manufactured in emerging markets, this versatile, robust, and mobile dewatering workhorse wowed attendees with its performance and efficiency.

Over a dozen pump, metering, and management products were on display, including:

Godwin BD150 Self-Priming Pump: a powerful and versatile dewatering workhorse for mobile and permanent uses.
Godwin HL270M High-Pressure Dri-Prime® Pump: a fully automatic priming pump, from dry to 8.5 metres
Flygt BIBO Alpha: a highly-mobile submersible dewatering pump with no snoring or dry running.
Flygt Pareo: a reliable smart pump controller that adds intelligence to most Flygt dewatering pumps.
Lowara hydrovar® X: an intelligent, reliable and integrated motor and drive pumping solution.
Xylem Nexicon: an innovative monitoring and control platform designed for water use cases.
Xylem Avensor: a digital solution providing alerts and data-driven insights from water infrastructure assets.
Sensus Cordonel: an ultrasonic metering solution with flow, temperature and pressure monitoring.
YSI 9800 Photometer: a modular and adaptable multi-parameter water quality analyser.
Xylem SAM PRO: a cloud-based asset management platform for real-time asset condition monitoring.
“I want to thank everyone who attended the Xylem Africa partner conference. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect and explore how we can improve water delivery in different regions and sectors. I also want to congratulate our team for organising the conference and its many events. These two days have shown that we can and are solving water, embodied in Xylem’s 360 Performance philosophy and delivered to the market through our world-class partners,” said Vincent Chirouze, Xylem Africa’s Managing Director.

Africa may be facing many challenges with water. But The Xylem Africa Partner Conference 2023 demonstrated that we have the people, skills, and technologies making a lasting difference. With 2023’s successful conference concluded, Xylem’s partners are ready and invigorated to continue delivering cost-effective 360 Performance solutions for Africa’s most precious resource.


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