Tongxin Micro partners with Valid to boost eSIM global deployment

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Tongxin Micro, an industry-leading semiconductor solution provider, and Valid, a provider of interoperable eSIM services around the world, have jointly launched a comprehensive eSIM one-stop solution for global OEMs.

This solution has successfully passed the GSMA’s eSIM product filing audit, establishing Tongxin Micro as China’s first and the world’s foremost provider of eSIM solutions for mobile terminals. Furthermore, this collaboration aims to drive the deployment and commercialization of eSIM technology in Smartphones, POS, CPEs, and various other sectors.

In the era of 5G, the demand for eSIM is experiencing explosive growth as smart networked devices become smaller and thinner.

However, challenges arise in ensuring the secure and seamless access of eSIM across different countries, regions, and scenarios, which is crucial for its widespread deployment. To address this, the Global Telecommunications Operators Alliance-GSMA has developed standards to validate eSIM’s functional compliance, production, and product security.

These standards serve as the passport and necessary qualification for vendors to enter the global eSIM ecosystem for production, with only a select few chip companies having received certification to date.

The eSIM one-stop solution, having passed GSMA eSIM certification, owes its success to the synergies and deep integration between Tongxin Micro and Valid in both software and hardware domains. The solution is built upon TMC’s high-capacity chip with CC EAL5+ certification, supporting wafer-level import of personalized data.

Additionally, it incorporates Valid’s world-leading OS, GSMA certified, with a download/delete speed three times faster than similar solutions and the ability to support simultaneous downloads of 10+ profiles. The combined solution is fully interoperable with profiles from the majority of tested Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), covering 200+ MNOs globally.

Beyond this, Tongxin Micro, as the first Chinese chipmaker to obtain GSMA SAS-UP certification, has established a world-class, high-security wafer-level personalization factory. This facility offers global OEMs a comprehensive range of services, from R&D and design to chip testing and personalized data writing.

Jose Manuel Castro, SVP of Global OEM Sales at Valid, expressed, “Drawing upon years of involvement in the eSIM arena, Valid has been persistently working to cater to our customers’ needs and address the massive demand for this transformative technology. Our forward-thinking approach led us to pioneer and earn GSMA certification for a remarkable dual-mode networking eSIM product that supports 5G functions on a domestic chip right there in China. Together with our esteemed partners at Tongxin Micro, we are actively expanding the eSIM market, providing unwavering support for China’s domestic chips to conquer global markets with supreme confidence.”

John Zou, EVP of Tongxin Micro, stated, “With more than 20 years of deep cultivation and innovation, Tongxin Micro has established a complete product line in the field of mobile communications, forming a full-scale business structure covering consumer, industrial, and automotive levels. With the power of Valid, this flexible, easy-to-solution helps OEMs to explore a greater development space in the field of consumer electronics and promotes the common development and interconnection of global eSIM technology.”

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