Telecom Egypt Unveils Innovative Digital Platform to Link Subsea Cable Systems and Networks

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Telecom Egypt Launches WeConnect Ecosystem for Enhanced Subsea Cable Connectivity.

Telecom Egypt, a leading integrated telecom operator and a major player in subsea cables, has unveiled its innovative WeConnect ecosystem. This digital platform offers agile access to Egypt’s extensive subsea cable infrastructure, enabling users to seamlessly connect Mediterranean and Red Sea subsea cable systems through an open and neutral model.

WeConnect revolutionizes the connectivity landscape by providing users with the flexibility to mix and match connectivity options among the 14 subsea cable systems landing in Egypt’s 10 cable stations. The platform offers globally competitive pricing schemes, allowing users to easily order cross-connectivity via 10 terrestrial routes across Egypt.

Mohamed Nasr, CEO of Telecom Egypt, highlighted the platform’s value in accelerating the deployment of digital infrastructure and enhancing user experiences globally. WeConnect empowers partners to efficiently manage their commercial agreements and access an ever-expanding network of subsea cable systems with increased agility, adaptability, diversity, and resiliency.

With WeConnect’s cross-connection ecosystem, partners gain full control over their subsea cable connectivity, enabling scalable operations and access to a vast user base. Leveraging Egypt’s strategic geographic and geopolitical advantages, Telecom Egypt positions itself as a prime destination for international connectivity and a global digital infrastructure hub.

Seif Mounib, VP for International and Wholesale at Telecom Egypt, emphasized the company’s commitment to optimizing partner investment returns and expanding their global network reach. WeConnect’s standardized pricing model facilitates rapid growth and digital infrastructure expansion across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Telecom Egypt’s strategic investments encompass 15 subsea cable systems worldwide, with more set to launch soon. Boasting extensive coastlines along the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea, Telecom Egypt ensures cable landing diversity and resiliency. As global connectivity demands surge, the company is poised to meet these needs through innovative initiatives and cutting-edge projects.

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