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Tanzanian authorities offer protection to Ukrainian tourists

The authorities in Tanzania have announced that they would offer protection to hundreds of Ukrainian tourists stranded in the archipelago of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean.

Ukraine closed its airspace to civilian flights following Russia’s invasion last week.

“My children and my parents are in Ukraine. I am with my husband and I want to go home. My children and my husband want to protect our country”, said Ukrainian tourist, Maryna Pokhylenko.

Another Ukrainian tourist, Petrova Oksana, admitted feeling frustrated.

“We are idle, we are just like prisoners here, we can’t get out”, she said.

The authorities added that they are working on plans to evacuate the tourists to countries near Ukraine such as Poland.

“Many people have moved from hotels and they have nothing to eat, nothing to drink and nothing to live on. We turn to this wonderful country that has received us”, pleaded Rybak Roman, another Ukrainian tourist stranded on the island.

Local hotel owners are offering a helping hand.

“We have decided to help them. Like personally, I have been hosting 14 Ukrainians who are in need. I am offering them free accommodation, free meals and I never charged them even a single cent for their expenses”, said hotel manager, Calvin Kasori.

It is estimated that around one thousand tourists are currently staying in various hotels in the semi-autonomous region.

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