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Sudan: Friends of Sudan call to launch second phase of UNITAMS-facelifted dialogue process

The Friends of Sudan welcomed the end of the first stage of the consultations process organised by the UNITAMD and called to engage in the next phase paving the way towards restoring a civilian transition government.

On 8 January 2022, UNITAMS launched a two-phase political process to end the military takeover and resume a transitional process suspended by the military coup. Based on the findings of these consultations the Mission will facilitate a Sudanese-led dialogue.

Before releasing their report about the outcome of the consultations on February 28, Volker Perthes and his team held 110 consultation meetings with over 800 participants involving women groups from various parts of Sudan, as well as those contained in over 80 written submissions.

In a joint statement, the Friends of Sudan welcomed the publication by UNITAMS of its summary report on the consultations.

“The Friends of Sudan call on all relevant Sudanese stakeholders to engage in the next phase of a political process to resolve the political crisis in Sudan,” they said.

Also, they reiterated their commitment to support Sudan to achieve the transition and elect a democratic government.

The Friends of Sudan includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the European Union.

The statement did not refer to a process that the African-Union IGAD process plan to launch to mediate a solution for the Sudanese crisis.

Original story on Sudan Tribune

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