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Storm Eunice: Kenyans praise pilots for smooth landing

Social Media users in Kenya have commended two pilots working for the national carrier, Kenya Airways, for successfully landing at the airport despite storm Eunice which caused many destructions in Europe over the weekend.

One of the pilots, Ruth Karauri, landed at London’s Heathrow airport while Clive Nyachieo landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

Ms Karauri’s landing was documented by a live streaming service viewed by millions of people.

The Kenyan pilot later recorded a video at the cockpit with her first officer Ayoob Harunany, explaining how they landed:

Mr Nyachieo had landed shortly after a cargo flight abandoned landing at Schiphol airport because of the extreme weather conditions.

Kenyans have been praising both pilots throughout the weekend.

“#StormEunice also affected a large part of Europe and Capt Clive Nyachieo did an outstanding job landing the 787 at Amsterdam. Congrats!,” Kenya’s Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge tweeted.

“Salute to Captain Ruth Karauri. She’s motivating aviators out there that it is possible irrespective of gender. Salute to Kenya Airways for producing competent and skilful personalities,” Manuel wrote on Twitter.

Whiles many were praising the pilots, others felt there was nothing fascinating about the landing. “Many flights Landed (were bound to land anyway). Am not sure how and why this is a big deal.”

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