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South Sudan: Tonj East County Residents Express Concerns And Hopes For The Future, New Commissioner Pledges Commitment To Peace And Development

In a consultation meeting held in Kuajok town prior to the posting of the newly appointed commissioner of Tonj East County, some residents expressed their concerns and hopes for the future.

Elizabeth Arop, a resident of Tonj North County, emphasized the importance of security in the area, calling for an end to inter-communal violence and the promotion of development.

She said, “We are very happy for the appointment of William Arop Mawik as commissioner of Tonj East County… We want the new commissioner to improve security because we are losing many lives in incidents where people kill themselves, especially young people. We want people to live in their payams and bomas without fear.”

Regarding infrastructure, Elizabeth Arop pointed out, “There is a road now which has reached Tonj East from Kuajok; we thank Governor Manhiem for that. However, some areas lack a communication network, so we expect that our new commissioner should talk to the governor and communication companies to provide us with networks like Zain or MTN.”

She also highlighted a pressing issue concerning maternal healthcare, saying, “Women in labour immensely suffer because there is no maternity ward in the health facilities in the county. We need more roads in impassable areas and, above all, a health centre for pregnant mothers because of complications during delivery.”

Deng Mabior, another resident of Tonj East County, echoed the call for peace and improved services. He stated, “I expect that the new Commissioner should end the communal conflict because he is a person for peace… I expect peace to be fully implemented and there should be no more killings in Anei Atak and Luachjang sections.”

Mabior suggested, “The new commissioner should consider and install a communication network in Palal, Nyingoor, Ayak, Pagoor, and Wulit Payams to boost security and enable ordinary people to interact with relatives in towns and other places using communication networks.”

Former Minister for Local Government in Warrap State, Peter Paduol, emphasized the importance of unity among youth, women, and chiefs in maintaining peace in the county. He said, “I urge the commissioner together with chiefs, women, and youth to work together because they are the key to peace in the county. If they want to maintain peace in the area, they have to be united and work together.”

Meanwhile, William Arop Mawik, the newly appointed Tonj East County commissioner, pledged his commitment to cooperation and conflict resolution. He stated, “I called this consultative meeting to hear from chiefs, youth, and women and listen to their advice on how I will work with them to bring about peace in Tonj East County.”

Commissioner Mawik added, “I will cooperate with my colleagues, the commissioners of Cueibet, Rumbek North Counties in Lakes State and Mayom or Mankien area in Unity State so that we jointly suppress down the criminals. I will internally join hands with chiefs, youth, and women because they play significant roles in enhancing peace and stability in the country. I know I was a former commissioner in the defunct county, and it was a very small area, but now the area is bigger and it needs much work to tackle challenges concerning insecurity.”


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