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South Africa: Meet Sino Msolo, Sun-El’s protégé who chartered his own path

Sino Msolo was inescapable in 2021. After making the decision to move to Johannesburg from Durban where he grew up, the singer-songwriter set off on a scorching feature run that saw him quickly rise into the most in-demand vocalist in the Amapiano scene.

Whenever he got the opportunity to get in front of the mic, Msolo would consistently deliver quality output. He became a frequent visitor at recording studios of the country’s biggest Amapiano DJs and producers.

“When the year started, I had already released an album before, so it was a thing of let me not rush myself to release another one, let me just grow my brand then once more people know my name I’ll actually release my own project,” he says, his voice husky from a gruelling festive season. “At the beginning of the year (2021) I said let me collaborate with bigger artists. How am I gonna meet them or manage to get to them? That’s up to God, but I’m gonna do it.” And so he did.

His leap of faith paid dividends almost immediately as he was connected with a reputable Amapiano DJ, Kelvin Momo, and the pair began work on a song titled ‘Madlamini’. Although ‘Madlamini’ would only end up being officially released in December as part of Kelvin’s impressive Ivy League album, it was passed around rapidly among local producers earlier in the year, prompting several of them to reach out to Kelvin, seeking to be connected to Sino.

Relentless pursuit of success
Kelvin shared his contact with them, an opening that would eventually lead to Sino linking up with industry heavyweights Kabza De Small, Euphonik and De Mthuda. “There’s a lot of guys that are big that I met, and it was just from studio to studio […]. They’d see me in this other guy’s studio on video or Instagram Live, and then they call me to the studio. I was just fortunate like that.”

His studio schedule got so busy that he would rarely sleep at home, and when he did, he’d often just take a power nap before heading to the next studio. It was a dizzying routine that saw him record several songs on a daily basis. He recalls how at one point people started to ask him whether he’d run out of things to sing about.

“I’d always go to the studio with this thing of, ‘I won’t write, but it’s going to come out when I’m in the studio. This is going to be a different vibe than what I’m used to’; and it always came out, bro, each and every time. […] I can still do better than what I did last month, last week, or yesterday. It was just a thing of ‘let me push myself hard because you never know which song might pop’.”

This relentless pursuit of success struck gold in June when ‘Jola’, a song by De Mthuda featuring Sino and Da Muzical Chef, was leaked online and blew up countrywide within a short time. Despite its premature release, ‘Jola’ would go on to become one of the biggest songs of the year.

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