South Africa: BT Joins Forces with Digital Realty to Empower Customers in Leveraging Data Value.

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BT has unveiled its revolutionary Global Fabric network-as-a-service (NaaS) in collaboration with Digital Realty’s carrier neutral facilities (CNFs) across strategic locations worldwide. This innovative initiative aims to assist customers in maximizing the potential of their data by ensuring secure and compliant access across their businesses, providing IT leaders with centralized control of connectivity and enhancing overall performance, user experience, cost efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Global Fabric, BT’s newly introduced NaaS, extends its footprint across major cloud locations globally. Engineered for flexibility, scalability, and resilience, this service offers agile control, enabling customers to choose connectivity options on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Digital Realty, operating over 300 CNFs across six continents and spanning more than 25 countries and 50 metros, consolidates leading cloud and software-as-a-service providers in a single location. This positioning aims to offer customers a robust data center platform functioning as a digital hub for their business, amalgamating technology and data for their digital transformation.

The partnership between BT and Digital Realty will allow customers to swiftly establish connections within and between CNFs through Global Fabric connectivity. This empowers users to tailor connections for their applications and data, incorporating security services for seamless sharing across their enterprises. By selecting optimal routes for workloads across networks, this collaboration promises to enhance employee experiences globally.

Customers leveraging this solution can anticipate optimized application performance, reduced costs, and fortified cybersecurity measures, vital in addressing evolving threats and future data regulations. Additionally, BT will expand its offering to include Digital Realty’s hosting and co-location services accessible through the Global Fabric marketplace.

Harm Joosse, Global Head of Strategy & Business Development at Digital Realty, emphasized the fusion of BT’s Global Fabric connectivity with Digital Realty’s data center platform, PlatformDIGITAL®, as a means to resolve data gravity challenges and facilitate on-demand, personalized experiences.

Colin Bannon, Business CTO at BT, highlighted the significance of local data aggregation and centralized secure access for organizations deploying cloud services. He stressed the collaborative initiative’s potential in preventing local data hubs from becoming isolated, allowing CIOs to effectively manage and harness the burgeoning data volumes for innovative insights and improved business outcomes.

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