Sierra Leone: Celebrating International Women’s Day – where is justice?

I am Honourable Hariyatu Ariana Bangura – the legitimate Member of Parliament for Constituency 116 in Sierra Leone, the people’s choice who was removed unconstitutionally and replaced by a man in Parliament.

International Women’s Day again this year, a time like this when women should be celebrated, when our thumbs should be up to honour women bearing up with the biases suffered all these years, mine is still a weeping agony with no one to wipe my tears.

How I wish Women could put their gender and gender equality issues above their political parties, cabals, and other differences to break the biases.

With an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA), working lucratively with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), I left my job to answer the call of my constituents and of constituency 116, winning with a 63% margin to constitute 11% of women below the constitutional threshold of 30% in the 2018 Parliamentary Elections.

I was Vibrant in parliamentary proceedings but was booted out through unfounded allegations of “receiving salaries from state coffers” after I have resigned and have become an MP.

With all my knowledge and working in such a credible institution by then an account number was affixed on me at a bank I have never come across in the country.

I have cried for justice over the years and my voice has not been heard, no one to wipe away my tears, nobody to offer me an alternative. My thumbs are down at a time a woman should be celebrated. So help me God.

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