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Senegal: Supporters of Sonko Rally in Response to Court Decision Clearing His Bid.

Supporters of Senegalese opposition figure Ousmane Sonko are celebrating a recent ruling by a Dakar court that reinstated him on the electoral roll, signaling a significant step toward his potential candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.

A Dakar court’s decision on Thursday (Dec. 14) to reinstate Sonko on the electoral list has buoyed his supporters, who see this as a positive development amidst a tumultuous journey towards the upcoming election.

Alpha, expressing his contentment at a Dakar bus stop, remarked, “We are all satisfied. We expected this verdict because we know our leader is innocent. Despite delays, we are pleased and stand firmly behind him. God willing, he will be our candidate in 2024.”

However, uncertainties loom as Sonko must file his candidacy by Dec. 26, with doubts lingering over whether the administration will provide him the necessary forms. Similar events unfolded in October, where a Ziguinchor court cleared his reinstatement, but administrative hurdles persisted due to the State’s appeal.

Sonko’s legal representatives insist on an immediate reinstatement onto the electoral roll following the recent court ruling, while the State’s lawyers argue against immediate implementation, citing a 10-day window for potential appeals.

The court case revolved around Sonko’s alleged lack of proper notification regarding his removal from the electoral roll after his conviction in a morals-related case earlier in June.

Despite potential legal hurdles, supporters remain resolute. A Pastef party supporter remains unfazed, stating, “The State has the right to appeal. If they do, we are confident in our stance. Our country respects the law, and we will win again if needed.”

Sonko, who secured third place in the 2019 presidential election, faces several allegations since 2021, which his supporters believe aim to thwart his political ambitions.

Meanwhile, Senegalese President Macky Sall has nominated his Prime Minister, Amadou Ba, as the candidate for his party in the forthcoming election, while speculations persist regarding other potential candidates, including the son of former President Karim Wade.

The anticipated announcement of eligible candidates in early January marks the onset of a vibrant campaign season leading up to the presidential election in February 2024.

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