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Senegal: Senelec Signs 40 MW Battery Deal with Infinity Power

Senegal’s national electricity company Senelec has entered into a 20-year capacity change agreement with Infinity Power, a joint venture between Egypt’s Infinity and the UAE’s Masdar, to establish a battery energy storage system.

The agreement focuses on implementing a 40 MW battery energy storage system to improve the stability of Senegal’s national grid.

The system will be one of West Africa’s largest upon completion in 2025 – with construction set to begin in early-2024 at the Tobène substation in Thiès – and will be integrated with the Taiba N’Diaye wind farm.

“Battery storage offers incredible opportunities for Senegal to reap the benefits of renewables while ensuring people get a secure, reliable supply of energy. We are excited to begin a promising new chapter in Senegal and further strengthen our work in the renewable energy sector,” states Infinity Power Chairman, Mohamed Ismail Mansour.

The initiative aims to reduce Senegal’s CO2 emissions by 37,000 metric tons annually, with an estimated $165 million in savings as well as a decreased reliance on thermal plants.

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