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Senegal Demonstrates in Support of Palestinians.

Thousands of individuals took to the streets worldwide on Saturday to express their solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which had come under Israeli bombardment in response to a Hamas attack on October 7.

In Senegal, a gathering of 200 supporters assembled outside Dakar’s Grand Mosque, brandishing the Palestinian flag and holding placards decrying the ongoing violence.

One demonstrator stated, “I stand here today, along with people across the globe, to demand an end to the Palestinian massacre in Gaza. We urge Israel to cease this onslaught, emphasizing that the innocent children facing violence have committed no wrongdoing. Our message to Israel is to respect international law.”

Another protester emphasized, “I’m not here as an Arab or a Muslim, but as a human being. The horrifying atrocities in Gaza have prompted my presence today in support of my people, to end apartheid, halt the genocide, and save the lives of Gaza’s residents.”

In parallel with its airstrikes, the Israeli military has initiated ground operations and, on Sunday, once again urged the population to evacuate to safeguard themselves from the ongoing conflict.

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