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Rwanda Relaxes Nightlife Restrictions in Celebration of Festive Season.

Rwanda’s government has announced a significant easing of operating restrictions affecting bars, nightclubs, and entertainment venues, a move timed strategically for the upcoming festive season.

Initially introduced in September to address concerns about “noise pollution” and public disturbances, these limitations on “non-essential services” were met with criticism, particularly from owners of hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, who faced shortened operating hours.

The Rwanda Development Board, a government entity, has now granted temporary relief. From December 15 to January 17, bars will be allowed to extend their operating hours until 02:00 (local time), and notably, restrictions on Fridays, weekends, and public holidays have been lifted.

In a statement released on Thursday, the board expressed its intention to allow people to embrace the holiday season joyously, stating, “The end-of-year festive season has arrived, and the Rwandan government wants the public to celebrate and enjoy.” These revised guidelines also encompass private events.

However, while these restrictions have been relaxed, the board has issued a stern warning against potential violations, emphasizing the importance of establishments complying with noise pollution regulations.

As per the regulations instituted in September, sound levels in commercial areas must not exceed 55 decibels during nighttime. As Rwanda welcomes the holiday season, the government encourages celebratory activities while ensuring adherence to necessary safeguards and regulations.

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