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President of the Supreme Court of Guinea-Bissau resigns from office

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guinea-Bissau, José Pedro Sambu, resigned from his position on Monday, highlighting that he was no longer able to continue in office.

José Pedro Sambu says he does not understand the presence of armed men near his residence for more than five days, and accuses the Guinean executive of not having done anything to help him, reports Radio França Internacional.

The judge remembers that it all started on October 19th when his vice-president, Lima António André, presided over a meeting of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, ordering the suspension of functions.

During that meeting, it was decided to suspend the president of the Supreme Court, on charges of having interfered in a process and, equally, obstructing a judicial order that had been announced by another judge in the context of another case.

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