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Pope calls for peace in the Middle East

Pope Francis today called for peace in the Middle East, because “every human being has the right to live in peace”, and asked not to forget other countries at war, such as Ukraine and Sudan.

“My thoughts go, daily, to the very serious situation in Israel and Palestine. I am close to all those who suffer, Palestinians and Israelis, I embrace them in this dark moment”, said the priest, after the Angelus prayer Sunday, from the window of the Apostolic Palace.

According to Lusa, Pope Francis called for an end to weapons “because they will never lead to peace, and so that the conflict does not widen”.

“Enough, brothers, enough. May the injured in Gaza be helped immediately, may civilians be protected, may much more humanitarian aid be sent to this exhausted population, may the hostages, including many children and the elderly, be released” , he requested.

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