Plans Underway To Introduce All-Electric Cars In The Country

Kenya Power says plans are in top gear to have the country move into an all-electric vehicle space.

The utility firm’s Acting Managing Director Rosemary Oduor said the government is critically looking on the matter with a view of making it easier for individuals who wish to buy electric vehicles in the country.

“Kenya Power will continue with this innovation as the country’s electricity distributor. It is not just vehicles, it is a whole eco-system that involves the charging, models of charging and engagement with the electric vehicle users,” she said on Friday.

Oduor noted that electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and assured that Kenya will not be left behind in the electric space.

“We are already having electric bikes which we are having on a pilot basis just to understand the dynamics on electric vehicles, the dynamics on charging and on the funding bit,” she said.

Kenya Power in March 2021 partnered with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in a pilot launch of electric bikes project in Kenya.

The firm received 25 e-bikes for its meter readers that will be used to test the usage of the motorcycle in Kenya.
Kenya’s venture into the electric market space hopes to reduce reliance on petrol and diesel.

The utility is looking at the electricity charging points as new revenue streams in its race to diversify from selling power to homes and businesses.

Kenya Power intends to establish charging stations for electric vehicles in parking lots, key roads, and shopping malls, with its workshops functioning as after-sales service facilities.

It joins the Kenya Electricity Generating (KenGen) company in investing in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Kenya has joined a worldwide campaign to promote electric vehicles and reduce reliance on gasoline and diesel with the bulk of the country’s imports being fuel goods.

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