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Nigerians Denied Entry to Saudi Pilgrimage, Compelled to Return Home.

Saudi Arabia Revokes Visas for Over 170 Nigerians Bound for Pilgrimage.

More than 170 Nigerian travelers en route to Saudi Arabia were unexpectedly turned back upon arrival on Monday, following the sudden revocation of their visas by Saudi authorities, according to reports from Nigerian media.

The passengers, totaling 264, had departed from Lagos and Kano in Nigeria, having undergone thorough screenings and secured visas before their flight.

During the flight, however, their visas were reportedly revoked, leading to the Saudi authorities denying them entry upon landing and instructing the Air Peace airline to return them to Nigeria.

As of now, Saudi officials have yet to offer any comment or explanation regarding the visa revocation.

Upon arrival, the affected passengers expressed surprise over the visa cancellation, stating that they had fulfilled all the necessary requirements for entry into Saudi Arabia.

Though the Nigerian embassy intervened, allowing entry for 87 passengers, a total of 177 individuals were repatriated to Nigeria on Monday night.

Most of the travelers were reportedly heading to Saudi Arabia to undertake the lesser Hajj (Umrah), a pilgrimage to the Islamic holy city of Mecca.

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