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Nigeria: Nollywood Stars Chidi Mokeme and Chioma Akpotha Confirm Relationship.

Veteran Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme has recently revealed that he is romantically involved with his fellow colleague Chioma Akpotha. Mokeme made this disclosure through a post on his Instagram page, sharing that they’ve been in a relationship for some time but kept it private.

Expressing his affection for Chioma Akpotha, Mokeme mentioned that his feelings for her are profound and inexplicable, prompting them to decide to make their relationship public. In a subsequent video shared on his Instagram, he conveyed the news, stating:

“Hello friends and family, I have an important announcement to make. I don’t think I can keep it a secret any longer. Just like a pregnancy can’t be concealed forever, Chioma and I have been involved for a while now, away from the public eye. We feel deeply connected and believe we share many commonalities. Hence, we’ve chosen to spend our time together and now we’re bringing you the good news of our union, which we believe is divinely orchestrated. Can two people walk together unless they agree?”

This announcement marks the acknowledgment of their relationship and signals their decision to share this aspect of their lives openly.

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