Nigeria: ATCON lists steps to protect critical national infrastructure

Nigeria has to take full advantage of modern technology in addressing challenges confronting its Critical Infrastructure, Monuments and Business Assets. That is the position of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, ATCON.

The position which was canvassed by President of the association, Engr. Ikechukwu Nnamani tends to remind governments at all levels to embrace technological innovations which can help the government maintain critical assets that are the mainstay of the economy.

Critical National Infrastructure is assets, services and systems that support the economic, political and social life of a nation. They cut across every sector necessary to maintain normalcy in daily life. The sectors include: ICT, Energy, Financial, Commercial Facilities, Critical Manufacturing, Dams, Emergency Services, Food and Agriculture, Chemicals Supply, Government Facilities, Healthcare, Transportation, Water Supply, Waste Management, and Education Facilities, amongst others.

According to Nnamani, revolutionary innovations like Internet of Things, IoT, Blockchain among others have been seen to help some advance economies steady their ecosystem and there is nothing that says they cannot help Nigeria when applied. Nnamani who spoke at the national stakeholders summit on: Protecting the Integrity of Nigeria’s Critical Infrastructure, Monuments and Business Assets in Abuja Tuesday, said that Nigeria has no excuse not to deploy technology that exists today to fully monitor the entire critical infrastructure in the country.


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