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Niger Fashion Designer Aims to Showcase Positive Image of Her Country.

Niger Fashion Designer Alia Bare Showcases Collection at Joburg Fashion Week to Uplift Country’s Image.

In a dazzling display of pan-African couture at Joburg Fashion Week, designers and fashion creatives from across the continent gathered for a glamorous celebration. Taking the spotlight was Niger fashion designer Alia Bare, who aimed to present a positive image of her home country, currently grappling with instability and economic sanctions following a military coup in July.

Living in India and Senegal has shaped Bare’s experiences, influencing the elegant collection she showcased. Emphasizing the importance of the collection, Bare expressed that it represents her cultural background and the diversity of Niger. She believes in embracing the unique blend of cultural influences, asserting, “We are a different blend of things, and this is what makes us unique and what we should embrace totally.”

During the event, Bare highlighted the prevalent perception of Niger as a country associated with political strife and negative aspects, overlooking its true beauty. She believes that fashion, through cultural expression, can challenge these stereotypes and convey a positive message about the country.

Named “DNA,” Bare’s collection is a fusion of global influences, incorporating symbols from Niger and designs by a South African graphic artist. By sharing her love for Niger through fashion, Bare aspires to counter the prevailing negative narrative and create a positive image of her homeland.

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