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Namibia: Content creator Wode Maya Returns to Country

AFRICAN Travel content creator Wode Maya is back in Namibia, this time around partnering with local entities Gondwana Collection Namibia and the Namibia Tourism Board to shine a light on local travel and expose the country’s many beautiful destinations to the world.

Wode Maya has 1,2 million YouTube subscribers, while videos from his previous trips, highlighting attractions like kapana, the Namib Desert, indigenous tribes, village life and other topics have earned him hundreds of thousands of views.

Now that he is back, the Ghanaian-born influencer has upped the ante, teasing a bit of what is to come on his social media platforms. These activities include riding a donkey cart for the first time and visiting the Etosha National Park.

We reached out to Wode Maya and we are yet to hear from him, as his tour in Namibia is jam-packed, though he has expressed feeling at home here.

The personality is very keen on showing the world Africa in a new and uplifting light, and he has gained massive popularity over the years for his big personality, his willingness to see the world and try new things, and his philanthropic spirit that sees him sharing and giving where he can.

He has also been collaborating with Namibian YouTubers, including Woven, who also produces travel content, and Taimi Nuunyango, a lifestyle vlogger.


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