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Mysterious Illness Strikes Kenyan Schoolgirls, Cause Unknown

Mysterious Illness Strikes Over 90 Kenyan Schoolgirls, Investigation Underway.

Kenyan health authorities are currently investigating a puzzling ailment that has led to the hospitalization of more than 90 schoolgirls.

These students, who attend Eregi Girls High School in the western region of Kenya, have reported experiencing difficulty walking and symptoms of knee pain.

During a visit to the school on Tuesday, a senior official from the Ministry of Education reassured concerned parents that the situation is being actively addressed, and regular classes will continue for other students.

Jared Obiero, the regional director of education, stated, “The education department, county government, and public health department are committed to ensuring the children receive appropriate treatment.”

Samples of blood, urine, and stool from the affected students have been sent to laboratories in the nearby city of Kisumu and the capital, Nairobi.

Conclusive results to identify the cause of the illness are expected later today.

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