Municipality intends to end term in 2024 with zero need for bathrooms

The mayor of Brava, Francisco Tavares, said today that the expectation is to end the term in 2024 with zero need for bathrooms on the island, giving residents “bigger and better” dignity.

The mayor made these statements to Inforpress, announcing the delivery of 10 houses to low-income families, eight with the construction of bathrooms and two concrete, financed by the Requalification, Rehabilitation and Accessibility Program (PRRA).

According to the mayor, these interventions are part of a first phase of the project, whose total value is around 19,800 contos for intervention in accessibilities and housing.

At the moment, Francisco Tavares said that about 50 percent (%) has already been awarded, with the prospect of the contractor delivering the works this week in order to move on to a second phase, benefiting other families.

The mayor explained that this rehabilitation project has been part of the program since the previous term, whose objective is to reach the end of this term in 2024 with zero need, at least, in terms of bathrooms, and significant improvements in terms of coverage within that which are requests received at the town hall.

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