Mozambique: Cyclone Gombe kills at least 11

Cyclone Gombe, which hit Mozambique on Friday, left a trail of destruction in the provinces of Nampula and Zambezia.

According to a provisional tool Cyclone Gombe killed at least 11 people in the northern part of the country and left a trail of destruction in the provinces of Nampula and Zambezia.

After it hit Mozambique on Friday, the cyclone lefy city of Nampula with several streets impassable. However, the damage was even greater for the population of villages like Corrane. The roads were cut off, the houses destroyed and the agricultural fields, or machambas, on which the locals’ food depends, were rendered useless.

“Of course there are difficulties, many difficulties, Anast√°cio Viagem the secretary of the Corrane districtsays. First of all, you can’t get through to enter the machamba (agricultural field). But it’s also said that there’s no more machamba. There’s devastation. The corn and all the foodstuffs that this population had, have been devastated”.

The houses and agricultural fields could not withstand the winds which reached two hundred kilometres per hour nor the torrential rains. In a few hours, rainfall equivalent to several weeks fell. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) estimates that one hundred fifteen thousand people have been affected.

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