Morocco: Ministry Of Energy And Sustainable Development Mobilizes Resources For Reconstruction And Rehabilitation Of Earthquake Areas

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Following the earthquake which struck the province of Al Haouz and neighboring provinces on the evening of Friday September 8, 2023, the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development set up within the Ministry in the early hours that followed the earthquake, a crisis unit in coordination with the institutions under supervision.

Work teams were sent to the affected areas to inspect the state of energy infrastructure.and the supply of energy products in order to assess the damage, verify the performance of these installations and take the necessary measures to restore the normal situation as quickly as possible, including through the mobilization of energy and mining companies to contribute to the opening up of disaster-stricken regions.

Thus these teams were able to gradually restore the electricity supply in all the affected areas and restore public lighting, while the teams of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE)continue to monitor and track the performance of all electrical installations in the region’s distribution network continuously and in real time.

The Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development also examined the situation of oil storage and distribution infrastructure, particularly in areas affected by the earthquake.

With the exception of some gas stations which suffered some minor damage, other facilities experienced no damage. No shortage of energy products, including diesel, gasoline, butane gas and aviation fuel,was not recorded. In this context, the Ministry’s services rigorously monitored the process of arrival of tank trucks in the affected areas in order to maintain the stock and ensure the supply of these areas in the best conditions and on a continuous basis.

Regarding other infrastructure, and with the exception of some minor damage to certain equipment at the Noor Ouarzazate power plant which has been repaired, all energy installations are operating normally. As for nuclear installations, they were not impacted.

Furthermore, and in order to enlighten national public opinion on the earthquake, the Geology Directorate, in its capacity as National Geological Service, held a working meeting with one of experts with the aim of studying the aspects geoscientists of the Al Haouz Earthquake and its effects on the region.

The committee of experts thus issued a series of recommendations, in particular the need to review the distribution map of seismic zones of the law relating to seismic constructions, and to make its data available to decision-makers and rural municipalities during the different stages of reconstruction of affected areas.

As for mining activities in the provinces of Al Haouz and Taroudant,they did not experience any fundamental change following the earthquake. Technical units have been set up in coordination with the mining companies concerned, to assess and limit possible damage and risks through the monitoring of the various underground mining operations as well as their surface installations.

In this regard, the Ministry highlights the routine nature of underground exploration and extraction activities in accordance with the specifications of exploration and mining companies, which require compliance with environmental assessments and compliance with strict standards of safety and environment.

On the other hand, following the field missions of the Ministry’s services regarding the environmental situation of the affected areas, particularly with regard to solid and liquid waste and their impact on the population at the level of accommodation centers, Mrs. Minister, accompanied by representatives of local authorities and Ministry officials, made a field visit to certain affected areas in the Marrakech region, in order to assess the situation and the urgent needs of the populations, with a view to implementation of the general program of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the areas affected by the Al Haouz earthquake in accordance with the High Royal Instructions. The Minister also visited the seismic rural housing project,

The Ministry’s Services remain mobilized to work in consultation with all stakeholders in order to meet the needs of the affected populations and to support the vast program of reconstruction and general rehabilitation of the disaster areas, launched at the initiative of His Majesty the King, May God Help Him, and which His Majesty wanted as a model of integrated and balanced territorial development.


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