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Morocco: Country Boosting Cultural and Youth Investment in Oriental Region

Morocco’s Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication signed agreements with officials from the Oriental region to improve the region’s cultural and youth infrastructure.

The budget for the agreements totals roughly MAD 500 million ($53.38 million).

These agreements lay the ground for the establishment of several large projects, notably initiatives that focus on building of cultural houses throughout the provinces of the Oriental area, including the construction of a theater in Nador.

The projects are expected to benefit the region’s youth. The Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, said in a statement to the press on the occasion, adding that this significant expenditure is in keeping with King Mohammed VI’s cultural guidelines. The visit to the Oriental region, he added, is aimed at launching investments and infrastructure in this direction.

Bensaid emphasized that growing nearby cultural industries necessitates the development of cultural infrastructure beforehand. He went on to say that the goal is to make it easier for artists, filmmakers, and other professionals in the field to get into the market.

With a private investor planning to build three film complexes in Nador, Oujda, and Berkane, Bensaid believes that cultural infrastructure would help to attract private investment to the region.

Signatory parties of the agreements included Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, President of the Oriental Regional Council, Abdenbi Bioui, Wali of the Oriental Region, Mouad El Jamai, Governor of the Prefecture of Oujda-Angad, and Director General of the Oriental Agency, Mohamed Mbarki.

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Meanwhile, Bioui said that the signing of these agreements is expected to boost the cultural economy in the region.

Morocco’s ministry of culture has recently concluded agreements projected to boost cultural and youth investment and industries.

The ministry signed a new agreement on January 27 that intends to bring private investors and government entities together to boost cultural and creative industries.

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