Morocco Asks Citizens to Leave Ukraine Amid Threat of War

Morocco is asking its citizens to depart Ukraine as soon as possible amid a threat of conflict in the country. “The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco recommends that Moroccan citizens in Ukraine leave Kiev for their safety, through the available commercial flights,” reads an urgent press release issued by the embassy.

The Moroccan government has asked its citizens to depart Ukraine as soon as possible amid a tenuous stand-off between Russia and Ukraine and US fears of a possible Russian invasion of the country.

In order to facilitate the rapid departure of citizens, the embassy is asking any Moroccans in Kiev or Ukraine to contact the following phone numbers for assistance: 00380931961457, 00380637837591 and 00380930590259.

The embassy advises any citizen with intentions to travel to Ukraine to “postpone their travel for the time being.”

The evacuation of Moroccan citizens from Ukraine comes amid a diplomatic stand-off between Russia and the US, which claims Russia aims to invade Ukraine in the coming week. Moscow has denied these claims, yet a variety of countries are evacuating their nationals over fears of a potential conflict erupting in the eastern-European country.

The tensions on Ukraine’s borders stem for a large-scale mobilization of Russian troops, armor and equipment on its borders with Ukraine. US intelligence officials have alleged that Russia is planning a large-scale invasion, while citizens in both Russia and Ukraine appear less concerned about a potential eruption of hostilities.

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