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Microsoft To Empower 10M SMEs In Africa By 2025

Microsoft wants to empower 10 million African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by 2025 with the resources, assistance, and support they need to grow and establish strategic partnerships.

Why does it matter? SMEs make up 90% of businesses globally.

Consequently, the tech behemoth has announced a five-year partnership with Flurterwave to accomplish this.

Why Flutterwave? Lillian Barnard, President of Microsoft Africa, said partnering with the African fintech would speed up financial innovation and digital inclusion on the continent.

As part of the collaboration, Flutterwave will introduce transactable solutions on Azure Marketplace, including its SMB finance-as-a-service, which will enable it to reach a wider audience.

Flutterwave’s CEO, Olugbenga Agboola, stated that the company’s goals are to serve billions of Africans without experiencing any outages and to provide infrastructure that will make payments extremely easy for the typical consumer in Africa or anywhere else in the world.


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