Mauritius: Health Minister Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal In Talk With Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (TNMSC) On Drugs Supply To The Country

A delegation from Mauritius led by its Health and Wellness Minister has asked if it was possible for the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (TNMSC) to procure and supply drugs required by the country in the future. This would be decided after discussions with the Chief Minister, Ministry of External Affairs and on getting legal opinion, Health Minister Ma. Subramanian said.

Health and Wellness Minister of Mauritius Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal held a meeting with Mr. Subramanian, Health Secretary Gagandeep Singh Bedi and Managing Director of TNMSC M. Arvind on Tuesday. The functioning of TNMSC and the State’s health infrastructure was explained to the delegation.

Mr. Jagutpal said their visit to Chennai was in connection with the G20 summit. “We came to Chennai yesterday with a mission to set up our central medical procurement authority. The World Bank advised us to visit Chennai to see how their central medical procurement authority has been set up and to have this learning experience from Tamil Nadu,” he said.

He added that they visited two private hospitals to look at the electronic system to learn the digitalisation process. He said that many patients from Mauritius have been seeking treatment in Tamil Nadu for several years. The team would also visit the TNMSC warehouse at Anna Nagar.

Mr. Subramanian said that emergency loading dose for persons with symptoms of heart attacks was available at 8,713 health sub-centres (HSC) and 2,286 primary health centres (PHC). Within two months of its launch, a total of 1,141 persons have received the drugs at PHCs and 181 persons have received the drugs at HSCs, he said.


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