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Mauritania Joins GECF as Observer Member

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) has announced Mauritania as its newest observer member.

According to Mauritania’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Oil, joining the GECF falls under efforts by the country to ensure the sustainable development and exploitation of its gas resources while accelerating contribution to the global energy transition.

“The GECF welcomes the Islamic Republic of Mauritania into the GECF as its newest member, and extends its best wishes to the leadership and the people of Mauritania as they embark on their journey as an LNG exporter,” the GECF said in a statement, adding that “This expansion represents a significant achievement in the Forum’s strategy of outreach, dialogue, and cooperation.”

Mauritania is fast-tracking the development of its natural gas reserves and gearing up for resource monetization – with first production anticipated in 2024 – trough large-scale projects such as bp’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim, bp and Kosmos Energy’s BirAllah, the Pelican gas development and Tullow Oil’s Banda project.

The MSGBC country joins Angola, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Malaysia, Mozambique, Norway and Peru as GECF’s observer member countries.

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