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Mauritania: Al-Douri – A Second Loss For Zeina, And The Gendarmerie Wins Over Laksar

On Tuesday evening, Tevragh Zeina Club suffered its second consecutive defeat in the National League, after losing to the National Guard, in the second round of the National Premier League.

The new guard player, Shaghali Abdel Rahman, who was introduced before the match, began his career with the club by giving him three points, by scoring the only goal of the match, in the sixtieth minute, of the match hosted by the Sheikha Ould Bedia Stadium in the capital, Nouakchott.

The National Gendarmerie Club succeeded in defeating Kassar, 1-0, in the second round.

Laksar player Mamadou Diallo scored the goal of the match against his team, in the fifth minute of the match, raising the Gendarmerie’s tally to four points, with the passage of the second round.

The match against Afssi Nouadhibou and Kaédi was postponed until the twenty-fifth of next October.


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