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Malawi monitors Ukraine situation, 1 woman stuck

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said Malawi continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine to establish if there are more Malawians stuck there after Russia invaded the eastern- Europe country.

By Saturday, the ministry had identified a Malawian female student who was stuck and in urgent need of support.

The ministry’s spokesperson John Kabaghe told The Daily Times that the Malawian mission in Berlin, Germany, was working on assisting the student gain safe passage to Poland, from where she would fly back home.

“As she began to move to the border together with other international students, the Ukrainian government advised them not to proceed because the situation was volatile,” he said.

On Friday, President Lazarus Chakwera joined the African Union and the international community in calling for the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine to facilitate negotiations towards “peace and the cessation of war between Russia and Ukraine”.

Chakwera urged the Russian government to use “its might and means to find a peaceful resolution to its grievances against Ukraine”.

Several nations, including Zambia and Zimbabwe, are struggling to evacuate their citizens from Ukraine as a result of the war that has so far killed about 200 people.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 2022. According to BBC reports, for a long time Russia has stood against Ukraine’s move towards European institutions, notably North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union.

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