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Love in Wartime.. This is the story of the two Ukrainians who got married right after the Russian attack!

CNN revealed a wartime love story, in which a young Ukrainian hero and his fiancée decide to bring forward their wedding date after the Russian attack.

According to the American network, the two Ukrainian lovers chose to marry at the beginning of the Russian bombing, to be together in the midst of the bombings, either living together or dying together.

Yarina Arieva, a deputy in the Kiev city council, said that she and her partner, Svyatoslav Forsin, rushed to marry before the “war broke out,” explaining: “It was very frightening,” adding: “It is the happiest moment in your life, and then you go out to hear it (whistles). warning).

She also indicated that she and her husband were planning to marry on May 6 and celebrate in a restaurant with a very nice balcony overlooking the Dnieper River, and the 21-year-old said: “Only us, the river and the beautiful lights.”

The couple, who met in October 2019 at a protest in central Kiev, decided they wanted to marry because they were not sure what their future held. “It’s tough,” Arieva said. We will fight for our land. We might die, but we just wanted to be together before all that.”

After their wedding, Arieva and Forsen, 24, a software engineer, prepared to go to the local regional defense center to join efforts to help defend the country. “We have to protect our country,” Arieva said. We have to protect the people we love and the land we live on. I wish for the best in everything, but I do what I can to protect my land.”

Arieva does not know what task she and her husband will be assigned to do. “Maybe they will just give us shields and we will go fight. Maybe we will help with something else,” she said. They will decide.” Arieva described her husband as her “closest friend on earth” and says she hopes they can celebrate their marriage one day.

“Maybe they (the Russians) will get out of our country and we will be able to celebrate normally,” she said. “I just hope that everything goes well and that our land is saved. We will be a safe and happy country without any Russians in it.”

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