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Legal fraternity hopeful of recovery

The Administration of Justice (AoJ) held its annual Opening of the Legal Year ceremony at the Gaborone High Court earlier today to mark the official commencement of case hearings for 2022.
The proceedings of the ceremony followed their typical fashion of prominent legal and political dignitaries of the nation touching on national achievements, progressions and shortcomings of the previous legal year whilst expressing hopefulness in the year.

The commencement of the Legal Year of 2022 marks the end of the previous focus on digital judiciary innovations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 2022 the courts will be shifting towards a return to normalcy under the theme ‘Amended Rules of the High Court: Greater Control and Decisiveness’.

Whilst keeping digital innovations a priority, the courts will be embarking on consolidating accessibility to fair and equal justice across the nation.

In line with the theme of the new legal year, keynote speaker Chief Justice Terence Rannowane stated that an inquiry into the amendment of court rules will be made to allow a more efficient and effective legal body to preside over the public.

Rannowane added that consolidations towards increased judicial accessibility to the public includes a new state partnership with private enterprise to expand court infrastructure across the nation.

Additional addresses were made by the Chairperson of the Law Society of Botswana Tshekiso Tshekiso and the Attorney General Advocate Abraham Keetshabe both speaking on the legal achievements made during 2021, and the road ahead going into 2022.

Political dignitaries in attendance included President Mokgweetsi Masisi along with various members of cabinet such as Annah Mokgethi, Kabo Morwaeng, and Kagiso Mmusi.

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