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Kenya: Uhuru has been a great source of frustration and pain, says DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has called out president Uhuru Kenyatta for using him over the last four and a half year, and then dumping him for ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Dr Ruto said that Mr Kenyatta has caused him and his allies untold suffering, even despite the political support his part offered the head of state.

Speaking in Thika Stadium, in Kiambu County during a rally, Dr Ruto said President Kenyatta has in the last four years caused untold suffering to him and his allies.

“I walked with you when you needed a brother by your side. For four and a half years, you have caused us untold suffering. You have hounded us, dropped our allies from parliamentary committees and called us names including thieves. You have overseen the downfall of Jubilee,” Dr Ruto said.

He said that despite the acrimony directed towards him by the government, he will still mount a formidable campaign and win the upcoming elections as “the people are with me.”

“My friend, it is us who walked with you across the whole country. We stood with you and prayed together so that The Hague cases could go away. Now, you’ve turned against us and labeled us your enemies. It is okay,” Dr Ruto said, adding that even the leaders who accompanied the leaders to Hague are now labeled enemies.

Dr Ruto also took issue with Mr Kenyatta calling out church leaders for accepting his donations, asking the president to respect the church.

“The same leaders you are now calling names are those that prayed for you during your Hague trials. At least have some respect for them my brother,” he said.

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