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Kenya: StanChart, Family, ABC banks voted best mobile banking – KBA poll

Standard Chartered bank is Kenyans’ most preferred mobile banking under tier one according to Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) poll.

In the poll released on Thursday, Family bank was named the best under tier two while the African Banking Corporation (ABC) Bank was named the best under tier three.

Most Kenyans turned to mobile banking during the Covid-19 pandemic instead of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

In a survey carried out by the Kenya Bankers Association 78.8 percent of Kenyans still prefer using mobile banking as of March 11.

KBA asked all the banks in the country to send questionnaires to their customers and most responses came from people who live in Nairobi.

“The geographical distribution of respondents in the survey appears notably skewed in favor of Nairobi. This was unsurprisingly expected, given the concentration of economic activity and financial institutions in the country’s commercial and political capital,” KBA said.

At least 29,791 people responded to the questionnaire with 835 of the responses coming from Persons Living with Disability (PwDs).

The survey was part of KBA strategy to enhance customer experience in the banking industry.

ABC Bank Group Managing Director Shamaz Savani said the bank is looking forward to improving it’s digital platform.

He said that the bank had improved it’s position in the category significantly.

According to him, the bank had seen an upsurge in the number of people who prefer to use mobile banking since the Covid-19 pandemic kicked off.

“It is a great honor that the bank has also been recognized in the category of Champions of Governance Awards, Digital Banking Kenya and Think Business Banking Awards,” he said.

He also said that he will ensure that the bank validates it’s commitment to provide a world class customer experience for all of it’s customer.

In December 2021, ABC bank was amongst the first bank to partner with Saccos in the issuing of cheques to various members.

Peter Kinyanjui who is the bank’s General Manager said that the financial organisation had entered a partnership with Bandari Sacco where the members will be using cheques to make payments and also settle financial issues.

Through the cheques, the money will directly be wired to the account expected to receive the payments.

“It will also assist members to make deposits drawn on any commercial bank in Kenya directly into their Bandari Sacco accounts. This cheque, clearing solution opens doors to other financial and business opportunities to Bandari Sacco members,” Kinyanjui said in the statement.

On December 3, ABC Bank and Bandari Sacco made a decision to work together with members agreeing that the deal to pay through cheques was better compared to the hustle of having to queue up when making withdrawals.

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