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Kenya: President asks opposition for more political creativity

The President of Kenya said that the opposition must do politics, not politics, and must be more creative and look for the best way to help the country grow, reacting to criticism made by the opposition, according to sources from the Presidency of the Republic.

According to the BBC, William Ruto has made dozens of trips since taking office in September 2022, visiting a total of 38 countries in the space of 13 months. Recently, the President was in the DRC, Belgium, the Comoros and the Netherlands.

The frequency of his trips led the Standard newspaper to dub Ruto the “flying president”. The head of state defended himself and, speaking to journalists outside a church, said that his trips had been very beneficial for the country’s economy, with the agreements and investment he secured generating 350 thousand jobs, particularly with visits to Saudi Arabia and China.

“There are people bothering me about why I go on so many trips. That is my mandate as President. I am Kenya’s main agent dealing with the country’s development.”

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