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Kenya: Jaboya culture creeps back among fishing communities in Homa Bay

Residents in lake regions are considered some of Kenya’s most marginalised communities, commonly lacking access to basic services such as sanitation, healthcare, proper education, and clean water – a far cry from the cosmopolitan cities. Nduru is only 16 kilometres from Kisumu, yet driving on the unpaved road takes more than an hour, and that’s if the road isn’t washed out. In this photoessay, we meet the women and men of a fishing community and why jaboya culture is returning.

By mid-morning, the crowd had already gathered. Those waiting for the overnight fishing boats to dock are mostly women, who come outfitted with knives and buckets. A few men also mill around the shore.

Along the banks of Lake Victoria, fishing runs deep as a cultural livelihood within these lacustrine communities, many of which are Luo.

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