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Kenya and one other country will host ICANN’s soon-to-be-installed root server clusters for faster internet in Africa

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) said it will soon install two root server clusters in Africa, with the aim of facilitating faster internet access and protection from cyberattacks.

In a statement seen by Business Insider Africa, ICANN confirmed that one of the giant data centres will be set up in Kenya. No mention has yet been made about the intended location of the second one.

“Extending our infrastructure in Africa is in line with ICANN’s mission to ensure that the Internet remains secure, stable and resilient across the world. Adding the clusters in Africa is a key step to stimulating Internet access and to strengthening the Internet stability of the entire continent. Of course, this could only be achieved with the participation of the local community. We are grateful to the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs in Kenya for their support in establishing the IMRS cluster in their country, and for their commitment to advancing the Internet in the continent,” ICANN’s President and CEO Göran Marby, explained.

Note that this is ICANN’s first major investment in Africa. The global organisation specialises in coordinating the world’s domain name system and ensuring an interoperable and secure internet across the globe.

Among other benefits, the ICANN-managed root server clusters will help reduce how long it takes for a webpage to load. This will, in turn, have a direct positive impact on the experiences of internet users across Africa.

Another way the root server clusters are expected to be immensely beneficial is by drastically reducing the impact of cyberattacks on internet users in Africa. Thanks to their higher bandwidth and data processing capacity, the server clusters will help to eliminate the possibility of the internet going down because of cyberattack. In other words, increased data capacity lessens the severity of cyberattacks.

Overall, the installation of the root server clusters will help build the needed capacity to support the growth of internet in Africa. This will, in turn, enable Africans to fully harness the economic opportunities that the internet offers.

Original story on Insider Africa

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