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Joseph Matthew Echoes: Language Is No Hindrance to Spreading God’s Message, Responding to Nathaniel Bassey.

UK-based Ghanaian Afro-Gospel artist Joseph Matthew has firmly expressed that language should not be perceived as a hindrance in propagating the gospel through music. He emphasized that Ghanaian musicians should not feel compelled to sing exclusively in English to reach a wider audience.

In a recent Instagram video, the renowned artist, known for hits such as “Halleluyah,” “Nyame Ye,” “My Story,” “Not Alone,” and “The Name,” highlighted that the potency of music transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries. Joseph Matthew underscored the significance of strategic efforts in propelling songs globally, emphasizing that success doesn’t solely hinge on the language used.

“Any Ghanaian supporting Nathaniel Bassey’s remarks lacks understanding. Going global involves multiple factors beyond language. We mustn’t promote this singular narrative,” he expressed.

Joseph Matthew’s statements align with the ongoing discourse regarding language preferences among Ghanaian gospel musicians. This discussion was sparked by Nigerian gospel artist Nathaniel Bassey’s passionate plea for Ghanaian counterparts to utilize English in their songs to enhance their global presence. (Related Article: “You are Anointed; Sing in English for the World to Hear You,” Nathaniel Bassey Urges Ghanaian Gospel Acts)

Bassey, while speaking at the Jesus Christ Encounter event at Accra Sports Stadium, urged Ghanaian gospel artists to consider crafting songs in English. He emphasized the need for the world to experience their music and expressed optimism about future concerts in Nigeria featuring Ghanaian talents.

“Yes, I acknowledge your love for your local dialect, Twi, but there’s a unique anointing on you, and the world deserves to hear your melodies,” remarked Nathaniel Bassey.

The conversation sparked by Bassey’s comments has ignited discussions within the Ghanaian gospel music scene regarding the use of language in their musical compositions. Joseph Matthew’s viewpoint underscores the importance of embracing diversity while navigating the global music landscape.

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