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Interior décor: Make your living space glow with greenery

Of recent, decorating with plants has become some sort of trend. Many homes have embraced going green by beautifying their outdoors and indoors with green plants and flowers.

A home with a lush of green comes with a chic and fresh feel.

When it comes to decorating your house with green plants, Vanny Mukotanyi, a woodworker, says choosing the right container matters a lot.

Interior décor is more about presentation. The vases or containers you choose for the plants need to be presentable and be able to add beauty to the room, he says.

“Choose colour that matches your room and environment. Also, ensure that your choice of colour reflects the green plants and doesn’t overshadow it,” he adds.

Plants are said to have the ability to add so much charm to a room. The living room, especially, can be livened up with them, giving your home a warm and cheerful feel to it.

“There are diverse varieties of plants one can choose from. Choose as many as you want, you can use a certain type for the outdoors and another form for the indoors.”

For the different rooms in the house, one can even choose to place some on the floor, hang some, as well as mount others on items such as mirrors or TV stands to play around with the décor.

‘White magic’

It’s no doubt how beautiful white spaces look. It’s easy to decorate them since colour white can match with absolutely anything. Besides the elegant aura, placing white as your background for décor makes your space look immaculate. Picture adding green to such an environment! Magnificent!

As a keen lover of interior décor, Patience Ankunda is always looking for ways to beautify her home.

She says with plants, one has innovative ways to decorate and add splendour to their home.

Flowers are beautiful but kind of ancient. For you to be able to bring out that exceptional look, you need to use plants. The greenery has unconventional ways of making a house look and feel fresh, she says.

She, however, recommends taking good care of plants, especially when they are natural, for them to always look fresh.

“If you have a big house, even better. Your plants will be visible and the décor will come out perfect. For their maintenance, you can place the plants near windows and doors for them to be able to access direct sunlight.”

Plants can be placed in the sitting room, dining room, bedroom and even the bathroom. They have the ability to fit and make any room look beautiful.

For the outdoors, adding a trace of green to your veranda can make all the difference. They can also be hung on walls and poles; plants can also be strung up or placed in pots and vases.

A house is not a home until it is draped with décor, for those who delight in beautifying spaces. Decorating with houseplants is one of the best ways of having an exceptional home.

Original story on The New Times

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