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Independent, introvert, or wounded warrior: Understanding your love archetype

They often say that opposites attract, but that might not always be the case. The problem could be with the partners you are going after, while failing to understand your own love archetype.

So, what is a love archetype?

Relationship expert, Dr. Carmen Hara, explains that archetypes could be your personality traits, weaknesses, strengths, and capacity to love. There are seven major archetypes.

The independent
Cherishes freedom and has a tough time committing.

The workaholic
Someone who wants both worlds, their career and significant other. But can give up their significant other for their career.

The narcissist
Self-absorbed, easily bored, and perpetually dissatisfied. So concerned with getting their overblown ego fed.

The free spirit
Somebody who wants to be committed but can leave you on the side of the road.

The hopeless romantic
Someone who is in love with love.

The wounded warrior
Somebody who has suffered a trauma.

The introvert
Has issues with opening-up, and they often have a hard time trusting their partner.

Dr. Carmen further says that there are types that are not complementary to each other, but people can work on themselves and also try to understand each other to make their relationships work.

To do this, she recommends people try to understand their archetypes.

Five steps to understand your archetype:

  • Become familiar with the seven archetypes
    Reflect on your past relationships
    Journal you and your partner’s emotions
    Pinpoint emotional patterns in your entries
    Identify you and your partner’s archetypes

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