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Hearts of Oak Director Criticizes Coach Martinus Koopman as ‘Frustrated and Bitter’.

Accra Hearts of Oak board member Dr Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe has criticized recently dismissed coach Martinus Koopman, labeling his recent comments as those of a disgruntled and unprofessional individual evidently plagued by frustration.

Koopman had attributed the club’s recent downturn in performance to the board’s directives, claiming that he was instructed not to utilize specific players whom he considered diligent and proven performers during training. “They named three players, but they later changed it to seven players (Annan, Korsah, Esso, Albert Eonde, Salifu, Seidu, and Attah). They told me not to use them because they didn’t believe them and they could not help me in the competition,” Koopman conveyed to

Disputing Koopman’s assertions, Nyaho-Tamakloe refuted the board’s involvement in the coach’s claims, highlighting factual records indicating that Koopman had fielded all the players except two who were sidelined due to injuries.

The board member dismissed Koopman’s accusations as baseless and reflective of his bitterness following his dismissal for underperformance. “When they [Koopman and Rene Hiddink] arrived, we gave them free rein to work without interference. The players he mentioned were ones he himself sorted out and virtually ousted from the team, alleging they didn’t meet the required standards,” Nyaho-Tamakloe clarified.

He criticized Koopman’s conduct, citing instances where the coach and his technical director disregarded the club’s top management when suggestions were proffered. Nyaho-Tamakloe rebuked Koopman’s attempt to attribute the team’s failure to the board, branding the coach as immature and deceptive. “All the names he mentioned have been actively involved since his arrival, except for two injured players. He’s dishonest and trying to avoid accountability for his failures,” he added.

Nyaho-Tamakloe also expressed surprise at Koopman’s claims about the team’s deficiencies in wingers and attackers, emphasizing that it was the coach’s responsibility to train and enhance the skills of players instead of merely complaining. He cited historical instances where former Ghanaian football legend Edward Acquah was transformed from a goalkeeper to a prominent striker by a Swedish coach, highlighting the potential of coaching and player development.

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