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Guinea-Bissau: Government wants to combat the informal economy

The informal economy in Guinea-Bissau is the target of various charges and payments, but the money does not reach the State coffers, a reality that the Government wants to counter with a program to encourage legalization, said the Prime Minister, Geraldo Martins, on Saturday .

The head of the Guinean Executive, in office for just over three months, said in an interview with Lusa that the Government is preparing a program to encourage the formalization of informal workers, but considered that the problem is not just a lack of payment of taxes .

From cell phone balance to fruit, everything is sold on the streets of Guinea-Bissau without an invoice, which does not mean that this business does not pay, according to the Prime Minister, who recognizes that the money often remains with those who makes the charges.

The problem with informal people, as I said, “is that they pay, but due to informality, the payments they make are often not legal payments in the sense that they are not payments that reach the State coffers”.

The Government believes that it will be possible to convince the informal sector, too, with the mechanisms that the State will create and that “they will gradually be able to use, to become formal operators who participate in the process of economic growth and the production of wealth”.

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