Guinea Bissau: Government And IMF Train Taxpayers On Accessing Tax Services Online

The government, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in partnership with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in its action called “Kontaktu”, today started a training seminar for taxpayers on access to online tax services so that, with greater transparency and security, they could start paying their tax obligations.

The information is on the official facebook page of the Ministry of Finance consulted today by ANG.

When presiding over the opening ceremony of the said seminar, the Secretary of State for Budget and Fiscal Affairs, Augusto Menjur considered the initiative an innovative change, reiterating the government’s support, in particular the Ministry of Economy and Finance, for the execution and consolidation of this project, which aims to improve the business environment to stimulate investment.

Menjur highlighted the importance of the Kontaktu platform to ensure increased transparency and facilitate accountability.

In turn, the person in charge of Technical Assistance at the DGCI on IMF tax matters, Paulo Silva da Paz says that the initiative is a very relevant process, emphasizing the collaboration of taxpayers.

“This platform is considered by the Department of Tax Affairs of the International Monetary Fund, the first and the most sophisticated in Africa, as it allows to ensure, in an easier way, the operations via online of tax taxpayers”, reads on the page from the Ministry of Economy to Finance.

In this first phase, the tax administration service relies on partnerships that will ensure payment services, namely MTN (through Mobile Money), ECOBANK, BAO, among others.

During this training, themes will be analysed: a Possibility and benefits of electronic payment of taxes; electronic notices; Next steps of DGCI transformation; New tenure regime, among others.


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